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Çook kolaydı oyunu bitirmek ;)

tab mıydı silme tuşu muydu bölüm geçme

First Time

It's the best amateur game i ever played!

WoW ! 8:53 Nice game !

:( Nice :D nice game ye

Nice he ?

when does the android version of the game publish?

if else if else severler güzeli double ise :D

N I  C E congrats to team which made the game , well made difficulty levels   N I C E  sound effects :) smooth game play  also well thinked game logic keep making games guys !


Is it nice?
Is it nice?

I hope that you will get a good game of your efforts, even if you ask me, you can improve your play and maybe put it in the mini games of the steam

There are several problems with as it is right now. The first problem it has that the game does not save the progress of the player , second problem is that there is no button to reset your shot after its fired you need to wait until it goes away at some point which is painfull to watch sometimes and the last problem is that the yellow being too random at some parts of the Game you just shoot and pray to rng gods it reaches to the Dot which leaves you with no thinking just shoot and pray that yellows don't screw you over.

But overall its a decent game that was made in 48 hours i believe if the developers had more time in their hands they would think about the problems i mentioned but alas the problems are there to notice right now. And as a friend of the one developer i felt that i was obligated to write these problems to here so they can improve as developers.

And i wanted to add to the first problem i noticed that its the kind of a game you don't need to save but as a player that at somepoint of the game i accidently closed the game and it left me with no joy to play all over again.

Bağımlılık yapıyor ve geçene kadar tekrar tekrar oynatıyor kendini :)) Güzel oyun olmuş cidden. Bu da benim skorum 9:11 :D

Abi oyun acılmıyor dedigi bu:
Bu dosyanın sürümü çalıştıgınız Windows sürümüyle oyumlu degil. Bilgisayarınızın sistem bilgilerine bakarak siz programın x86 (32-bit) veya x86 (64-bit) hangisi gerektigini belirleyin ve ardından yazılım yayıncısına başvurun.



Normalde 08:21 di ss alamadım 09:12 :D


CRY Ataberk,CRY...

*chap* NOICE.

Nice xD

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I have a problem with li-fi. li-fi is not opening. this is crash report plase look at me. Ataberk I am old subscriber.

my e-mail is

WinXP compatibility fix please?

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Wow! the game is amazing. This game looks like zup. Dear Creators please relase it on steam. 

Great game 11/10,  for 48 hours it is a great game, understandable level amount and great physics. This game can be developed into more better 3d game with more physics. Instead of making a mobile device game like lots of turk developers you can make great game for PC and/or console and get it on steam .I guess you can make a 3d, similar themed game with more physics, teleportatiton, quantum physics and stuff like that with a great story. This game has a big potential to become a better game or to be inspired into a better game. For the game now you can make sounds beter and give more posibilites to us players. Last but not least you must add more levels to game.

Thanks For Reading. Great game 10/10


abi çok iyi oyun rekor kaç dk ben 6.59 yaptım seni geçtim ala göt bide abi seni çok seviyom 2. cs kanalına video atcan mı??????_??????? göt dediğim için çok özürdilerim gaza geldim

Wow ! That A Best Game Ever ! Um.. But Can You  ,Bring It To The Phone? Like.. IOS And Android ? Because I Believe  This Game Good For Phones . :) Thanks.

Oyun efsane yeni bölümleri merakla bekliyorum hele birde app store ve google play store a çıkarsa muhteşem olur ellerinize sağlık.

It's a good game for spending time, i love it.

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It is little confusing,like you have to keep those things in your mind and stuff...

But still much better than those non-sense games at Steam.

Pretty good job :clap:

Reiz Oyunu Oynayamadım 32 Bit Sürümünü Yaparsan Güzel Olur

This Game is good ı should play game :)

Very good game I like it (Hadi gene iyisin Ataberk :D  )

I really love this game! It's very interesting and takes away your boredom! Anyone who plays this game will enjoy it for sure! Thanks for all of this

şerefsiz ataberk

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