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You know game make but game engine it's bad (Turkish <3)

this game is very easy

Yep... probably the hardest rage in the shortest amount of time in my YouTube career... Still good game though!

Ahahah nice video m8 =D

Thanks! :D


This is an awesome game! In my best run i got a score of over 100! I can imagine this game being used for improving aim!

Thanks a lot! Nice video btw :)


İm your fan on youtube and you can do another mods on this Game.

Example you can do faster challange or pro challange do and its soo fast you can do.

Never Give Up - GOOD Luck

Don't use just waves , maybe you should use sharks , mosses or something else use your imagination . Think an ocean then do your wants . That's perfect for a first game . GOOD LUCK

i like this shit :D

bu guzel bi oyun ama farklı modlarla geliştirilebilir mesela hem dalgalara hemde balıklara tıkladığmız Bir mod veya wasd ile dalgalardan kactığımız bir mod veya dalgalarıbizim gönderdiyimiz mod ve zorluk seviyeleri çok detaylı olmasa bile karakter kostumuze eranı ve farklı bölgelerde farklı şeyler den kacmak güzel olur geliştirilebilir

Superb wonderful game of addictive love (Daha Oynamadım XD)

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The game was really pretty. Simple but very fun game. I recommend downloading and playing.

In addition, you can make 3 different levels like easy, medium, difficult. In all, the speeds of the waves change and it makes the game more beautiful. The game is also in the middle level.

Superb wonderful game of addictive love (Daha Oynamadım XD)

Legendary Game OyunBaz CS GO Aim PRO :D BEST engilis

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This Game İs Verry Good But You Can Add Options Button And Multiplayer.

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